process of purchase

Payment methods

The listed payment methods are available for making purchases through Starzmall

1) China UnionPay : Card payments are processed electronically and accepted at Starzmall.
2) Credit Card : Card payments are processed electronically. Mastercard, Visa card payments are accepted at Starzmall.

Important notes :
- Please read the < Note > section that displays when each payment method is selected in the payment information screen as this contains important and useful information regarding the chosen payment methods.
- Once you have selected a payment method, it cannot be changed. Please do not make a payment different from the chosen method as the payment will not be matched successfully with the order.
- If you would like to do a different payment method from the originally chosen method, you would need to make a new order and then choose the new payment method.

Please note that any transactions made off the Starzmall Platform violate our Terms of Service. If a seller on Starzmall asks you to pay off-site or through another channel, please do not send them money and report the matter to us.